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Welcome to All Star I

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
Thanks for coming everyone! We look forward to next year!

 Chairs 2017: Dale Stewart and Keith Knox

Speaker: Professor Gregory Heyworth

Topic: The Book and the Origin of Western Culture

All Star 1 is a family conference on Star Island, New Hampshire that emphasizes intellectual, musical, and artistic pursuits with lots of time for inter-generational fun. We have many multi-generational families who return year after year, but always welcome new people to our one week conference in July on Star Island in New Hampshire.

In the theme talks this summer, we’ll hear about the book and the written word and how they have influenced western culture. Gregory Heyworth, Associate Professor of English and Textual Science, will explore the origin of western culture and the roles that the book and the written word have played in the development of modern society. He has traveled the world looking for ancient copies of fundamental texts. Learn how these texts and their contents have shaped the foundations of modern western culture.

A day at All Star I starts with a polar bear dip (fortunately optional) and ends with evening chapel often followed by some late night music. In between, are the morning lecture on the week’s topic, morning and afternoon children’s programs, talks-on-the-rocks, art on the porch or in the barn, and plenty of time for chatting in the rocking chairs on the porch and quiet time on the rocks. However, while the day is full of activities, what and how much you chose to do is up to you.

The real strength of our conference is our children’s program. Each morning and afternoon all kids up to high school seniors gather on the front steps and then head off to their groups which start with the babies (called Nestlings) and generally span about two grades. Many activities revolve around the kids such as our bonfire, 4th of July games, and ever popular Great People Hunt.

Registration for All Star I has filled for this summer. Other conferences are still open for registration. Please visit the Star Island website for more information.  

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