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Evening Chapel

Chapel Flowers

(For Morning Chapel, see Children’s Activities)

Evening Chapel

Activity: Hold chapel each evening. Traditionally the time is 10:00, but more recently the Chairs have held it earlier on some nights to help increase attendance.

Responsibilities: Recruit 4 individuals or families to lead and organize chapel service. The current Chairs will give the Chapel on Saturday night. The next year’s Chairs will give the chapel Friday night.

Specific Activities:

On Island:

1. Pelicans responsible for lanterns will see to it that lanterns are on hooks along path.  Someone should be at steps with flashlight to help people enter chapel.

2. Recruit someone to ring chapel bell at beginning of each service (should be rung slowly). Also need a porch organizer, and a flashlight holder for chapel entrance.  Be sure that the Pelicans will be ready with the lanterns on the porch.

3. Talk to each leader of chapel to see if any help is needed.

4. At Chapel time coordinate with the chapel leaders the start of people leaving the porch.

5.  The chapel leader schedule normally is as follows: Saturday through Wednesday – choice of evening chapel organizer, with one evening reserved for present Chairs; Thursday-Senior teens; Friday-New Chairs. (In 2016 the Senior Teens did not give a chapel so check with the Senior Teen leaders in early June if they will be giving a chapel this year.)

6. After chapel is over be certain that the steps and particularly hazardous areas on the path have someone present to help.

7. Plan what you would do if a violent rainstorm occurs when chapel is scheduled to start. One option is to hold the service in Elliot.

Follow up Responsibilities: Thank leaders and other volunteers

People Needed Each Evening: Chapel Leaders, Chapel bell ringer, porch organizer, pelican

candle lighters, flashlight holder at chapel entrance.

Materials: 4 flashlights

Total Cost: None

Comments: Try to select people who did not lead a chapel service in the previous year.  It is not necessary for the organizer to lead a service.

Past participants  Tommy and Heather Yermack, 2016 – Tom and Trish Coleman

Updated May 2017

Chapel Flowers

Activity: See to it that flower arrangements are present for Chapel

When: Saturday, Tuesday, Friday

Where: Chapel

Responsibilities: Gather wild grasses, greens, and flowers and make arrangements for the various chapel activities.  Make sure to check guidelines at front desk (what can/cannot be picked).  Obtain vases from Conference Services and arrange flowers in Chapel.  Be sure to check and “freshen” them daily.

Specific Activities:

Off Island:

1. In some years, flowers have been purchased or obtained in a committee member’s garden and brought to the Island. In 2006, Susan Bram consulted Howard Lightfoot’s CD on flowers of Star Island.

2. A special arrangement is sometimes constructed for Sunday.

On Island:

1. Ask Conference Services which flowers to pick, and find out where the vases are kept.  Be sure to use fresh water in the vases.

2. After the first arrangement is completed on Saturday, it will be necessary to refresh, or even redo the flowers during the week.

Follow up Responsibilities: None

People Needed: 1 or 2.

Materials: Flowers and other plant material; clippers; vases, gloves.  NOTE: Vases are stored with salt and pepper in the dining room.

Total cost: None

Comments: Any questions about flowers to pick on the Island, check with Conference Services. See instructions below.  Very well organized by Pels.  Makes the task a pleasure.

[Key to cabinet in Parker, where special Chapel vases are kept, is in the left hand drawer of the big desk by the phone closet.  There is also a pair of pruning shears and scissors there.  The cabinet in Parker is to the right as you enter the door.  There is water on the side of the wood shed behind Newton Centre for filling the flower vases.

[Use wild flowers.  Do not pick cultivated flowers from gardens near buildings.  No iris or lilies.  Roses may be picked, especially near the paths where they are crowding.  Bayberry greens may be picked for fill, they are very fragrant.] – Conf.Svs. 6/92

Past participants: Trish Coleman, Jan Prochaska

Updated – March 2017


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