Exercise & Movement

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Aerobics & Toning

Activity: Hold aerobics sessions

When: 11:15am until 12:15 am Monday to Thursday.

Where: Brookfield

Responsibilities: Plan, organize, and lead aerobics sessions

Specific Activities:

Off Island:

1. Learn to teach aerobics and develop routines that will allow people of very different fitness levels to participate

2. Obtain appropriate tapes for music

3. Send statement to Boat News editor hyping the aerobics sessions.

4. Contact Chairs and ask them to mention the aerobics sessions in their acceptance letters; those interested should bring appropriate clothing and footwear

On Island:

5. Contact Conference Services and ask them to place four pitchers of ice water and cups in the refrigerator in Brookfield before 11:15

6. Determine if tape player in Brookfield is working.  If not obtain “boom box” from front desk

7. Make sure that mats are in Brookfield to use for floor exercises.

8. Lead aerobics sessions each day and play appropriate music

Follow up Responsibilities: See to it that Brookfield is cleaned up after each session. Conference Services will remove pitchers.

People Needed: One

Materials: Music; 4 pitchers of water each day and cups; tape player; mats

Total Cost: None

Comments: Many of the participants want a session on Sun also, also to extend beyond Thurs.  Four days is really enough!  Recommend sticking to Mon-Thurs. at the time suggested.  11 a.m. is too early for people to arrive on time after the lecture, or after picking children up from classes.  Also, participation for aerobics has been declining over the past few years.  Questions whether there is enough interest to have this group continue in the coming year (2004).

Past participants: 1992?94 ? Kim Corfman. 1995-99 ? Ali Walton. 2002 – Kim Corfman  2003 – Ali Walton.   Upd. 7/03

Ballroom Dancing


Activity: Beginning level ballroom dancing class at Brookfield

Responsibilities: Teach enough ballroom dancing to be useful (?t Uncle Frank’s wedding reception)

Specific Activities:

Teach beginning dance.

Make all, including singles without partners, feel comfortable by rotating partners

Follow up Responsibilities: None – optional practice session where CDs are just played and teacher is available.

People Needed: 1 teacher.  Minimum of 8 participants.

Materials: Sound system  (CD – tape player)

Total Cost: None

Comments: Brookfield has inadequate light – but Newton is too small.  Having liquid refreshments like lemonade would be nice.

Past Participants: 1997 – 2003   Terry Bouricius & Cate Lamb  Upd. 7/03

Intergenerational Self Defense


Activity: Self defense instruction for all.

Responsibilities: Teach techniques of self defense. Taught Tuesday at 4 p.m. and Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

Specific Activities:

Teach people of all generations how to defend themselves in various situations.

Follow up Responsibilities: None

People Needed: 1 teacher and 8 to 40 participants

Materials: None.  Pads are helpful, however.

Total Cost: None

Comments: This is really something that kids and adults should learn. There should be instruction for kids and adults separately.  Jeff Baird could be an instructor, since he is certified and does it all the time.  All participants seemed to enjoy it and think that it was valuable.

NOTE: Jeff Baird was added as an instructor in 2004.

Past Participants: this was a new activity in 2003—Shannon Miller.  2004—Shannon Miller and Jeff Baird.

Updated July 2004



Activity: Conduct daily meditation session at the Summer House or Pink Parlor..

Responsibilities: Conduct the session.

Specific Activities:

Off Island

Promote the activity through Boat News.

On Island

Conduct the session.  Perhaps bring some appropriate readings.

Follow up Responsibilities: None

People Needed: One

Materials: Readings, cushion or bench.

Total Cost: None.

Comments: No one attended in 2004—need some pre conference advertising.

Past participants: 2004, 2005, 2006—David Osgood

Updated March 2007



Activity: Stimulation of specific areas of the feet during the social hour each evening at 4:30 – 6:30.

Responsibilities: To treat interested individuals during social hour.

Specific Activities:

On Island:

1. Be certain that one table is available during social hour.

2. Be available for treatment during this period from Sunday through Friday.

Follow-up Responsibilities: None

People Needed: Two

Materials: One table long and sturdy enough to support 3 people.


Total Cost: None

Comments: It is important to be aware of a person’s condition such as arthritis.  In this case it is important to make the session short.  It has been suggested that this activity would work better in the front room of Newton Centre; there is greater opportunity to spread out, better ventilation, and better traffic patterns can be used during social hour.  (NB:  in 1996, seated massage will also be offered in the front room of Newton)  1998 – Emily Soule learning techniques.  Plans to help in future.

Past Participants: ~1978-2002, 2005 – Betty Sue Lentz; lately, helped by Jon Hendrick, Emily Soule


Tai Chi


Activity: Offer tai chi for novices during the week.

Responsibilities: Plan and conduct a tai chi session several times during All Star I (daily if you and the participants wish).

Specific Activities:

Off Island:

1.  Gather any materials you might need

2.  If you wish to get information into the Boat News for the week, make sure you get it to Chairs by May 25.

On Island:

3.  Make sure room where tai chi will occur is set up as you wish through arrangement with Conference Services staff.

4.  Conduct tai chi workshops

People Needed: one


Total Cost:

Past Participants:

Comments: 1999 – Tai chi was done in the summer house every morning at 7:15.  2003 – two instructors worked out well, each taking turns leading the class.  For future, request that the floor be swept in advance or, if that’s not feasible, invest in a 4′ wide dust mop.  In 2006, this activity took place in Brookfield each morning at 7 a.m.  John Robbins notes:  I recommend having yoga or Tai Chi not both, as attendance at one affects the other.

Past participants: 1997-1998, 2001-2002 – John Robbins.  2003, 2005 – John Robbins and Beth Miller. 2006 – John Robbins.

Updated – March 2007
Walking for Exercise


Activity: Gathering all interested walkers at 6:45 am and walking around the course for 45 minutes.

Responsibilities: Be sure that walk occurs each morning.

Specific Activities:

On Island:

1. Inform Chairs of time and place of meeting each morning.  Be sure that activity  is on greenboard in Lobby.

2. Meet at fish on end of porch at 6:45 every morning.

3. Walk 45 minutes.

Follow  up Responsibilities: None

People Needed: Walkers

Materials: None except ability to wake up early!!

Total Cost: None

Comments: For the last 2 years (1994&95), the organizers of this activity have recommended that walking not be an organized activity. In 1994 Wanda Wood indicated very strongly that it should not be an organized activity, but should be up to those who enjoy walking to gather in groups if they so desire.  Most people know the course and can walk on their own.  Perhaps it would be useful for everyone to get together at the same time and place, but not walk together. Some can walk much faster than others, so staying together may not be necessary or aerobically useful.  This thought was echoed by Cathy Case in 1995.  1999 – Echoed suggestion that this be a low-structure activity, perhaps organize it only on the first morning to show new shoalers the path.

Past Participants: Organizer 1994 – Wanda Wood. 1995 – Cathy Case.  1999 – Rita VanTassel.  Upd.Oct99


Activity: Offer yoga/tai chi for novices during the week.

Responsibilities:  Plan and conduct a yoga session several times during All Star I (daily if you and the participants wish).

Specific Activities:

Off Island:

1.  Gather any materials you might need

2.  If you wish to get information into the Boat News for the week, make sure you get it to Chairs by May 25.

On Island:

3.  Make sure room where yoga will occur is set up as you wish through arrangement with Conference Services staff.

4.  Conduct yoga workshops

People Needed:  one


Total Cost:

Past Participants:

Comments:  In 2003,  Ron Bourque did Exercise Mat Cutting in addition to Bikram Yoga.  There was also a workshop in Kripalu Yoga headed by Linda Caldwell, who appreciated the new mats and suggested that the class be held when children are in activities or babysitting is available.  Rob  Leavitt did a workshop on “Breathwork” on Monday and Tuesday at 11 a.m. in Parker.  He brought his boombox, cds and blankets and water to facilitate participants in expanding their present breathing patterns. He would be willing next year to offer more sessions (from 3 to 4) if there were enough demand. 2004—No changes.

Past participants: 1999 – John Robbins.  2002 – Ron Bourke.  2003 – Ron Bourque, Linda Caldwell and Rob Leavitt.  2004—Ron Bourque and Ali Walton  2005, 2006-Ron Bourque

Updated March 2007

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