Summer 2018

Shimmer, Sparkle, and Shine … Together!

 Chairs: Jenny Easter Nelson, Louise Williams, and David Yermack

 Conference Speaker: Sarah Somers, J.D., MPH, will lead our conversation on Social Justice Advocacy through the Law

Minister of the Week: The Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley, North Chapel, Woodstock, Vermont

Join us for a week of conversation, laughter, cherished traditions, and a few sparkling new ways to remind us why Star is truly our Spirit’s Home.

Having grown up (and older!) together as dear Star Island friends, your chairs are going for the “whole package” of what makes our time together so special – knowing that, for each person, the answer is different. Whether you are early to rise (for the Polar Bear Dip, tennis, reflection at the summer house, or chatting over coffee), or late to bed (following chapel, music, salt & pepper bocci, or late-night poker) – or even all of the above, with everything in between (Talks on the rocks! Book club! Lunch!) – we are all about you doing you … which, of course, makes for a richer “us.”

Our Conference Speaker, Sarah Somers, is the Managing Attorney of the North Carolina office for the National Health Law Program (NHeLP), an advocacy organization established in 1969. Since graduating from University of Michigan Law School, Sarah has dedicated her career to connecting low-income and socially disadvantaged communities to their rights, including as a legal aid attorney in Alameda County, California; a lawyer for the Native American Protection and Advocacy Project on the Navajo Nation; and, most recently, as an advocate to protect and advance the health rights of low-income and underserved individuals and families. The theme of Sarah’s lectures will be Social Justice Advocacy through the Law. Her talks will range from specific topics in healthcare law — including as it applies to women’s reproductive health, eldercare, the rights of children with disabilities, and America’s population at large — to general trends in the Supreme Court’s treatment of cases filed on behalf of America’s disadvantaged communities. Sarah will lead our conference in a compelling conversation about how the United States can recommit, through law and action, to helping those most in need and with the fewest resources.



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