Your Chairs

Jenny Easter Nelson: All Star Origins: Jenny first visited Star in 1965, when her family followed a long trail of Princeton Unitarian Church-folk up the Atlantic seacoast to our storied Spirit’s Home. Jenny spent her first All Star week as a Skimmer, under the loving care of Betty Sue Lentz.

First memories of her Co-Chairs: Jenny’s first memory of David is from a from a Fourth of July Blueberry Pie-eating contest. Ever a fellow “in it to win it,” he had blueberry pie all over his face! Jenny’s first memory of Louise is from Children’s Stunt Night. As Louise belted out some show tune, Jenny thought to herself, “WOW! That girl can sing!’”


David Yermack: All Star Origins: David’s family – another from the Princeton Unitarian Church – first came to Star in 1971.

First memories of his Co-Chairs: In fact, David and Jenny had attended Sunday School together as pre-schoolers in Princeton. But David’s earliest indelible memory of Jenny also comes from Children’s Stunt Night – she was twirling a baton on the Elliott Hall stage. David first remembers Louise from their teenage discussions of politics during the waning years of the Carter administration. Shortly thereafter, Louise and David began what she called an “epistolary relationship,” which has continued in various forms for nearly 40 years.


Louise Williams: All Star Origins: Louise first visited Star in 1975 – as part of All Star Two! Her family had attended Princeton Unitarian Church in the 1960s and was dying to know what the fuss was about. They made the switch to All Star One a year later.

First memories of her Co-Chairs: Louise first recalls Jenny as a mythical figure named “Bunny” – the very embodiment of beauty, sophistication, popularity, and fun. As for David, he was, in 1980, the smart boy Louise found herself striving to impress. Today, it occurs to Louise that, where both Jenny and David are concerned, nothing much has changed.



Pelican Jenny:

1980 – Waitrae
1981 – Pel Hall Waitrae
1982 – Pel Hall/Snack Bar Manager
1983 – Front Desk/Kitchen
1984 – Front Desk

Pel Club President, 1984

Jenny today:

• Wife/mother/sister/daughter!
• Elementary school teacher of boundless energy!
• Maker of fun, spreader of cheer!
• Favorite Star Activity: Schmoozing at Social Hour!


Pelican David:1981 –

1981 – Grounds
1982 – Truck Crew
1983 – Grounds & Maintenance
1984 – End-of-Season Truck Crew


Pel Club President, 1982

David’s Best Star Memories:

(1) Writing and performing skits in Adult Stunt Night with Marc Spisto, especially the spoofs of Forrest Gump and Tony Codding’s fire & water speech; and

(2) “Playing bridge in the hotel lobby with my brother Eric and wife Rocio as partners, against a floating group of opponents such as Frank Robbins & Carol Weisman, Jim & Jason Prochaska, Ralph Colby & Jeff Hendrick, Oscar & Vera Weiner, Mal Durbin & our late grandmother Elda McCoy, and of course our parents Larry & Elizabeth. Ralph & Jeff once woke up me and Eric and dragged us out of bed to play bridge after midnight, promising that we could compete for 25 cents a point. After 20 minutes they owed us $550.”


Pelican Louise:

1983 – End-of-Season Chamber
1984 – Waitrae
1985 – Pel Hall Waitrae
1986 – Lobby Store

Pel Club President, 1985

Louise’s Aspirations for 2018:

• To dip with the Polar Bears (okay, once)

• To play bridge with her husband (fingers crossed)

• To dance with Carol Weisman (fabulously)

• … and to enjoy great weather, inclusive of just one excitingly foggy, windy, or rainy day!



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