Donna Washington

Storyteller, Author, and Teaching Artist

“Storytelling is about creating community. It can be funny, absurd, deadly serious, exaggerated, or understated, but it is always about bringing us out of whatever reality we call home into a shared place where we go through an experience together. Storytelling is a comment on the life we humans live, and it asks us to find ourselves and those around us in the words. only when we understand how similar we are will we be able to breakdown the barriers that separate us and cause so much dissent. To know my story is to see yourself.” – Donna Washington

Donna was born an army brat in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She traveled all over with world with her parents. Her father would sit at the dinner table and spin the wildest yarns imaginable. He taught her Arthurian Legend and Greek Mythology by telling the stories in the first person. She thought he had actually been with Merlin and Oedipus. She thought he was thousands of years old.

Donna attended Northwestern University and was involved with numerous theatrical productions. It was at this time that storytelling reemerged as something she wanted to learn more about. In the four years she was there, she began to make storytelling a central part of her performance life.

These days you can find her traveling the country at festivals, conferences, schools, & libraries telling stories & giving workshops.

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