2021 – July 3 – 10

Theme: Hindsight May Be 2020, but We Are Looking Forward to 2021!

We are Looking Forward to coming together with our community and sharing favorite island experiences…marshmallow roast, music, flying kites, bakery treats, polar bear dip, row boats, and the unbeatable sunsets.

Our speaker, Catherine Dunn, will examine how music, visual composition and color work together to influence our emotional response to media. With lots of excerpts from popular and classic films, she will guide us through an analytical viewing of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, North by Northwest. Finally, she will have us put our new knowledge to work with a special project. You will never view a movie the same way again. Join us in 2021!

Chairs: Cathy Bertasi, Lisa Gresser, and Lisa Gresser

Chairs’ Bio: Ann, Cathy, and Lisa all grew up attending the All Star One Children’s Program during the 70’s and 80’s. During college they served as Pels and then raised children who were/are also Pels. They have all volunteered in a variety of roles for the conference and corporation. Serving as conference Chairs this year allows them the additional opportunity to give back to the island and community that they all love so much!

Off Island, Lisa lives in Newton, Massachusetts where, for the past 25 years, she has been busy working as a middle school math teacher and, with her husband, Jamie, raising two boys – Thomas and Michael. She enjoys spending time completing puzzles, laying on her raft in Maine, and playing with her lab – Bear.

Cathy lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Ron. She works in the family business providing software to economic development corporations. Her interests include playing tennis, reading historical fiction, spending time with her three adult children (Nick, Elizabeth and Chris) and her golden retriever Mack.

Ann lives in Northfield, Minnesota with her husband, Brendon, where she is the majority owner in a small CPA firm. In the off-season she also narrates audiobooks. She enjoys reading, sewing, theatre (participating and watching), chatting with her three grown children (Jacob and Pels Esmé and Cordelia), hanging out with her grandchildren, and snuggling her cats.

Speaker: Catherine Dunn

Film and Video Department Chair; Film and English Teacher at Viewpoint School, Calabasas, CA. You will never view a movie the same way again!

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Catherine Dunn is the Film and Video Chair at Viewpoint School in Calabasas California. For the last twenty-five years she has taught high schoolers how to direct films and influence audiences. Her talks will examine how story and visuals can work together to drive an audience to a specific emotional response. With lots of excerpts from popular and classic films, she will discuss the three act structure and the rule of thirds. She will examine how colors, composition, and music can create empathy in the viewer. At the end of the week, she will guide us through an analytical viewing of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece,  North by Northwest, so we can put our new knowledge to work.

Minister of the Week: Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley

Leon is returning to be our Minister! Reverend Dunkley is the minister of the North Universalist Chapel Society in Woodstock, VT. Leon is also a Star Island Corporation board member and last served as the All Star I minister in 2018.









To contact the Chairs about All Star I 2020, please use allstar2020@gmail.com.





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