Fall Meeting 2012

All Star I Chairs Meeting

(Everyone is Welcome!)

The Guest House

October 27 – 28, 2012

Attachments are available on the documents page.


All Star One Chairs Meeting

The Guest House Chester, CT

October 27, 2012

1:30 Opening Words Estelle Best

1:35 Call to Order Tom Griffiths

1:35 Milestones

1:40 Approval Sept 2011 meeting minutes and 2012 on-island chairs’ meeting minutes Attachment A 2011-Minutes and Attachment B (posted on All Star One website in advance of the meeting)

1:45 Questions and Answers on Reports

(posted on All Star One website in advance of the meeting):

Children’s Program and Planning (Waltons) – Attachment C

Registration (Annie and Scott Stewart) – Attachment D

Financial Aid (Elizabeth Yermack) – Attachments E

1:55 – 2012 reports, Questions/Answers:

Chairs’ Report (Elissa and David)

Star Island Annual Fund (Ned Tillman)

Treasurer’ report (Bill Gimpel) –-

Attachments F(Financial Assistance Report)

G (2012 Conference Report)

H (Financial Statement)

I (2013 Budget Recommendation)

2:25 – Ratify Actions of the Executive Committee, Sep 2011 to Oct 2012 (Coleman) – Attachment J

Also see: Actions by All Star One Chairs through July 2012 – Attachment K

2:30 SIC Update – Joe Watts

2:45 – BREAK

3:00 – 2013 Conference Planning (Judy and Dennis O’Keefe)

3:10 – Governance committee Report – Louise Williams

Attachment L Letter to chairs from Governance committee

Attachment M Survey of Chairs

Attachment N Survey of larger conference

Attachment O Governance Task Force Report

Attachment P Bylaws proposed changes

4:30 – Elections (dependent on outcome of governance report and motions passed)

4:40 – Other business

4:45 – Comments and Questions

4:50 – Off-island meeting 2013

4:55 – Closing Words

5:00 – Adjourn

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