The All Star I Financial Assistance program is funded by voluntary contributions from conference members as well as a portion of ASI conference registration fees each year.  The program provides assistance to old and new shoalers (former or new ASI conference attendees) who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

If you are seeking financial assistance, please email this completed application to the All Star I registrar,  Susan O’Loughlin at If you realize a need for financial assistance long after you have registered, please submit your financial assistance request as soon as you can so that we can still consider it.  Note that decisions for admissions and decisions for granting of financial aid, which are confidential, are made independently of each other, and you will receive prompt separate notifications of each decision by April.  Or, if you have submitted your application after this time, you will receive separate notifications as soon as is feasible.  We hope to provide help to as many applicants as our budget permits.

We ask you to honor our request that you apply only for the amount absolutely needed to cover room and board and registration fees.  Parking and on-island costs are not covered by financial aid.  Returning members of the conference (old shoalers) may be granted up to 50%, while new applicants (new shoalers) who have not yet attended All Star I may receive up to 25%.  Occasionally, but only under extraordinary circumstances, more than this amount might possibly be granted.  We look forward to helping you to attend All Star I this year.


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