Our conference is guided by the Governance Council. This group is made up of the following:

  • Former, current, and immediate future chairs of All Star I and elected lifetime and term members. the registrar, and the treasurer.

The Governance Council meets twice a year to conduct the ongoing business of the conference, review its health, and plan for its future. The Governance Council meets on the island during the conference (generally on Sundays) and again off island  in October. This group also is responsible for selecting chairs for future All Star I conferences. Beginning in 2002 we moved to a system in which we identify the chairs for two years of conferences, so that the chairs two years’ removed can focus on the details of doing this job and have time to assimilate details. We also welcome suggestions from the community of those individuals you believe would make good chairs for our conference. If you have such suggestions, you can email us at, or feel free to talk to one of the Executive Committee members on the island shortly after your arrival for the conference.

Executive Committee

At the November, 2004 meeting of the All Star I Chairs, an Executive Committee was created to act as an ongoing governance group for the All Star One I and through them, the All Star I conference. The Executive Committee shall be elected by a majority of the members at the annual off-island meeting. The Executive Committee shall consist of nine members serving staggered terms of three (3) years, and a Treasurer and Registrar, as ex-officio, voting members, each serving terms of three (3) years. The Executive Committee shall conduct the business of the organization between meetings of the members. At least two members shall be members of the governing council who are other than former chairs.

At present, we are: Cathy Bertasi, Sally Easter, Ann Etter (treasurer), Keith Knox (convener), Dennis O’Keefe, Ali Walton (registrar), Jan Prochaska, Shelly Powsner, Eric Yermack, Gabrielle Prochaska, and Stan Corfman.  The members of the Governance Council are invited to meetings as appropriate. We invite your suggestions for our work and welcome your feedback. Please write to,   to communicate with us!

Annual Report to the Community 2017 – Annual Report to the All Star I Conference community 11-2017

Healing and Reconciliation Committee

The Healing and Reconciliation Committee’s purpose is to help our All Star 1 conference in fostering a healthy, open, responsible and supportive community.

As with any group, there are times when expectations are not met, disappointments occur, misunderstandings arise and communication breaks down. In the best of all possible worlds, when this happens, we hope to address our differences directly and openly. When this seems impossible, the Healing & Reconciliation committee can help.

We are here to listen to concerns. We hold all conversations in confidence. We are ready to help find a way to work things out so that everyone’s needs are recognized and, ideally, met.

How we want to be together in this community and in the larger world is important to us. To that end, please let us know about your questions or concerns. Share with us your ideas for helping us flourish as a healthy, caring, and responsible community. The committee is charged with recommending policies and practices that will promote the health of the All Star 1 community. The members of the committee are Chris Bernd, Elisa Best, Deb Weiner-Soule, Lois Kitz, Shelly Powsner, and Betsy Frederick.

Our process for handling conflict are outlined on the Handling Conflict Page.


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