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Responsibility: Act as conference archivist, collecting and cataloging materials which have been kept, and display historic conference materials during conference.

Materials: files of conference photos, Sandpipers, conference brochures, the old Chairs Bible, scrapbook of recollections of fifty years of All Star conferences; other materials.

Specific Activities:


1.  Review list of materials in Vaughn Cottage (see attached); make tentative selections.

2.  Write to Vaughn Cottage curator and request items you wish to display

3.  Purchase scrapbook to bring to island for people to add recollections to.

4.  If you wish information to be included in Boat letter re: fifty year scrapbook photos and memories, get it to chairs by May 25.


5.  Set out archive materials on table.  You may want to request a special table from conference services which could hold archival material all week.

6.  Set up scrapbook for entries.  You might want to leave on the table tape, photo mounts, glue stick, pens.

7.  At close of conference (probably late Friday night), collect and return materials. Give any items to be included in chairs? materials to current chairs to be passed on.

Total Cost: None    2003 – $18.36.  No new purchases are needed in the immediate future.

Comments: Get together with Vaughn curator to select from plethora of material several items for the weekly current conference to display in the museum .  Add to that collection by week’s end all weekly maters such as conference photo, conferee list, Boat News, any chapel service programs etc.  Moving the exhibits to Social Hour gave this a larger audience.  John Robbins’ projections of early photographs on Sat was spectacular.  Debbie Soule’s recipes collection was of great interest.  Should not try to display on Choke Fest or Clam Bake night.  Lois Williams notes that she is not sure this needs to happen again.  If John Robbins makes another CD, Sat evening is a good time to show it.  John Robbins is really good at this activity.

The Writers and Storytellers Group are considering a post-conference anthology to be called ‘Star Shots’ and may put it on line.

Past participants: 2003 Win Southworth  2004—Marc Soule and Jill Robbins.  2006 – Lois & Pete Williams

Updated March 2007

Minister of the Week

Sunday Chapel (separate description follows)

Activity: Island ministry

Responsibilities: Plan Sunday morning Chapel service; perhaps one or more morning children’s chapel services, pastoral care as needed throughout week, say an invocation at the banquet. Be available for memorial services, child dedications and similar services.

Specific Activities:

Off Island:

On Island:

Be available for pastoral care/counseling during week

Note: Responsibilities often include Sunday Chapel and/or Morning (Children’s) Chapel.   (See those guidelines.)

People Needed: 1


Total Cost:

Comments: Need clear indication from Chairs about involvement in Sunday Chapel, Morning Chapel, and Friday Banquet.

Would be helpful to know if Island musician is available for Sunday service and/or choir.

Past participants: 1995 – Charlie Close.  1997 – Charlie Close.  1998 – Nancy Wood Lyczak. 1999 – 2003, 2006   Charlie Close     Upd.  7/03


Activity: Photographs of various conference activities

Responsibilities: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

Specific Activities:

Off Island: Made sure I had sufficient digital memory

Follow up: Load pictures on to internet for later viewing and retrieval.

People Needed: 1

Materials: Suggest using laptop with card reader to collect other people’s digital photos as well.

Total Cost: All donated.

Comments: Newly listed in 2006.

Past participants: Connie Lentz

Room Registrar

Activity: Serve as room registrar for conference

Responsibilities: Assign rooms for conference with input from Ed Rutledge and childrens’ coordinators.

Specific Activities:

Off Island:

1. Assign youngest to older kids first, then specific requests.

2. Group Sr. & Jr. teens.  Try to group kids by gull, tern, etc. instead of just age (bedtimes).

3. Work backwards from motels.  Assign larger capacity rooms first.

4. Call applicants with concerns.

On Island:

1. Resolve any last minute issues.

Follow up Responsibilities: Make notes on what worked and what didn?t.

People Needed: One, with input from Chairs, Childrens Coordinators, Ed Rutledge (Hotel staff)

Materials: None

Total Cost: None

Comments: Important to get conference list ASAP, even if incomplete.  Room plans must be correct.  Changes should not be made unless communicated to Room Registrar, so reasons for assignments can be discussed.

Past participants: 1998,99 – Jim Sersich.  Upd.Oct99

Storage Bins

Activity: See to it that the All Star I part of the store room is clean and organized and that there is an inventory

Specific Activities:

Off Island:

1.  Obtain inventory from previous year and make this available to staff coordinators in their mailing to the staff.

On Island:

2.  Distribute their boxes to children’s staff persons.

3.  Tell them to take home stuff they will not use next year, even if purchased with conference money.  Do not store.

4.  At end of week replace boxes neatly and write a new inventory.  Attach to Volunteer Activity Report for use next year.

Follow up Responsibilities: None

People Needed: One

Materials: None

Total Cost: none

Comments: 1997 – No carryover supplies are used by children’s staff.  Continuing supplies are part of Art Barn boxes in the store room. 1998 – Staff took most of their supplies off island at end of wk.  Check with them to make sure.   2003 – Placed all storage in tubs for easy access.  Every other year we should clean closets and get rid of “stuff”.  One item was sold in the art auction.

2009 – Deb said children’s staff do this but conference services begged us to assign the job to someone who is not a pack rat. They do not want us using precious storage space for chalk, paper and junk.

Past participants: 1994 – Jim Sersich & Anne Lenox.  1995 – Chris & Bill Gimpel.  1996-97 – Lois and Pete Williams. 1998 – Joni & Brian Lipton.  1999 – Rita Van Tassel, Pete&Lois Williams.  2003 – John Best and Lauren De Toro

Updated – July 2003

1999 Storage Room Inventory

Fourth of July parade and games supplies                  Photo-Badge supplies

Bag of balloons – large                                               Boxes for children¢s groups



Art Barn materials                                                       Small cork boards – 2

Large bag of perlite

Trouble Shooters

Responsibilities: Help chairs to deal with conference problems

Specific Activities:

Off Island

1. Examine attended list to become familiar with the names and ages of the conferees.

2. Contact chairs to anticipate any issues that may take place during the conference.

On Island

1. Introduce yourself to Island staff in case of problems. Do this as soon as possible.

2. Ensure that Children’s Staff at initial meeting with parents emphasize island limits and parental responsibility for kids.  (Lack of this understanding caused most “trouble” in 2002)

3. Be available for island management or chairs when needed.

Follow up Responsibilities:  Be certain that all problems have been resolved

People Needed: 2—one male and one female.  Should be well known and accepted by the AS 1 community and be long-time shoalers.  Should be discrete and able to obtain and retain confidences.

Materials:  A sense of humor, balance, and perspective.  Counseling and mediation skills are helpful.

Total Cost: None

Comments: This is a very critical responsibility that requires individuals who know the island culture, its expectations and traditions.  1999 – Suggest pass job on to someone from “younger generation”.  2002 – Announce Trouble Shooters on first day.  Need coordination with and cooperation of those doing room assignments for easy, quick revisions that are warranted.  2003 – We had an enormous amount of help from Deb Walton.  Her support/activities in helping to resolve jr. teen issues was outstanding.  The children’s staff is an important asset that Troubleshooters should not fail to call upon.  In addition, Linda, the new Island registrar, was most helpful with a room assignment.

Past participants: 1994,95,97,98,99 – Elizabeth & Larry Yermack.  1996 – Sherry Walworth & Charlie Case.  2001,02 – Larry Phillips & Larry Yermack.  2003, 2004- Laurie Powsner and Larry Yermack.  2005 – Larry Yermack and Debbie Soule

Updated – April 2006

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