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Printable Copy – Sports and Games Job Des.

Polar Bear Dip

Puzzles on the Porch

Poker Night

Softball vs. Pels




Polar Bear Dip

Activity: Swim off of the dock at 7:00 am every morning Sunday thru Friday.

Responsibilities: Gather swimmers, post the Polar Bear Count each morning, arrange for group photo.

Off Island:

  • Obtain materials for a Polar Bear Banner if desired.

On Island: 

  • Have everyone meet on the front porch at 7:00 am.
  • Wait until the island Lifeguard appears before walking down to the dock.
  • Once people have walked to the float, encourage them to dip.
  • Post the Polar Count on the extra chalkboard in the Lobby each day.
  • Arrange for group ph0to.

Follow Up Responsibilities: None

Total Cost: Cost of Banner supplies

Materials:  Supplies for banner, bathing suit, camera

Past Volunteers:  Jib Best, Joanne Bulley, Liz Erickson, Tom Walton     Updated 2018


Puzzles on the Porch

Activity:  Jigsaw puzzles are brought to the island by the organizer and are completed during the week on the front porch.

Responsibilities: Bring 3-4 jigsaw puzzles to the island for the conferees to complete.  The puzzle table is usually set up on the front porch towards the Gift Shop end.

Off Island:

  • Choose puzzles to bring.
  • Bring a piece of plastic to cover the puzzle at night, or in inclement weather.

On Island: 

  • Set up first puzzle on a table on the front porch on either Sunday morning or afternoon.
  • Put out the harder puzzle first to ensure its completion by the end of the week.

Follow Up Responsibilities: Collect puzzles to bring home.

Total Cost:  None

Materials:  Jigsaw Puzzles

Past Volunteers:  George Easter, Juliana Czum and Randy Witwick, George Robbins. Updated 2018


Poker Night

Activity:  Late evening poker games are held up in Newton Center 1-2 nights after Chapel during the week for loads of fun, but to also raise money for the Star Island Annual Fund.

Responsibilities: Obtain the two big boxes of poker chips and cards in the All Star I closet down in Brookfield and bring to NewtonCoordinate the set-up of the room up in Newton (due to the noise of the music playing in the front room, poker table set-up with smaller folding tables could occur in the back room.  Conference Services would need to be apprised of this.  This could also be shared with the Conference Chairs ahead of time, so they can share this with island staff ahead of time.)  Coordinate the play of the type of Poker game that you will be playing.  Inform all participants of rules, remind participants of how the money will be going to the Annual Fund, and help to keep things running smoothly during play.

Off Island:

  • Buy enough decks of cards for play after checking with last year’s coordinator to see if more are needed. There are at least 4-6 games going at one time.
  • Buy/Bring Poker Night snacks such as Pretzels, Snack Mix, Nuts etc. to enjoy during the games.
  • The conference Beer Guys should be contacted to make sure that they are including a keg for Poker Night in their order for the week.
  • Coordinate with the Conference Chairs which night or nights will be the Poker Nights.

On Island: 

  • Confirm plans for the event with Conference Services the day before the event and the day of the event.
  • After Social Hour has been cleaned up on Poker Night, the set-up of the room will occur by Conference Services.  You will also be able to set-up your snacks, and the Beer Guys will set up the Keg right as the event begins (after Chapel).
  • Supervise and coordinate play as the event begins. Collect money that is to be donated to the Annual Fund, and give to the Conference Treasurer.


Past Volunteers: Roger Trudeau, Montie Brewer, Tom Coleman, Jim Prochaska, George Robbins Updated 2018


All-Star I vs. Pelican Softball Game

Activity: Softball game between the conferees and the Pelicans on one afternoon at 3:15 pm.

Responsibilities: Set up the game

Off Island:

  • Purchase and bring “Incrediballs” for the game. This makes the problem with the short playing field less severe.

On Island: 

  • Contact Pelicans to be sure that the will field a team.
  • Recruit an announcer for the game and ask that person to be responsible for the microphone which can be obtained through Conference Services.
  • Recruit 2 officials-one from the conference and one from the Pels to call the base paths.
  • Establish the lineup and put it down on paper. Give this information to the announcer, ask the Pelicans to do the same. Generally, the lineup is open to the Senior Teens and older.
  • On the day of the game obtain equipment from the main desk. It is imperative that the catcher wear a mask at all times when behind the plate.
  • Go over the rules with the Team before the game. Be sure that the Pelicans know the rules also. Some rules that are unique to Star are:
  • A ball that is hit in the tall grass beyond the graveyard is an automatic home run.
  • Any ball landing in the graveyard is a maximum double; it is not automatic and the runner may still be thrown out at second.
    • Same applies to the bush by the flagpole.
  • The left field foul line is the southeast corner of the stone wall around the graveyard.
  • The right field foul line is the paved walkway.
  • No called balls/strikes. “You are up until you hit.”
  • Keep track of line-up with paper/pencil during the game.

Follow Up Responsibilities: Return the equipment to the sports closet in the Lobby.

Total Cost:  None

Materials: Baseball equipment

 Comments:  Suggest that someone play “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the game.

Past Volunteers/Participants:  Tom Walton, Scott Stewart, Jeff Hendrick, Dave Cook, Ray Castoldi



Activity:  Early in the week conferees sign-up to play games such as:  Hearts, Backgammon, Bridge, Salt and Pepper Bocci, Checkers, Cribbage, Chess, Ping Pong, Horseshoes, Tennis, and Frisbee Golf.

Responsibilities: The volunteer in charge of this activity is responsible for creating the sign-up sheets, creating the game playing ladders, and overseeing that the tournaments get completed.

Off Island:

  • Make up sign-up sheets for the different games and print ladder diagrams.
  • Decide if you want to print out certificates to award to the winners. You will need about 25.
  • Create and send Tournament advertisement/blurb to the “Boat News” editor.

On Island: 

  • Post sign-up sheets on the porch wall and/or conference bulletin board (located in the All-Star I storeroom in Brookfield) as soon as possible after you arrive on Saturday afternoon.
  • Specify sign-up deadline for Sunday evening at 8:00 pm.
  • On Sunday night, set up the game ladders for each event. In most cases, you will need to determine byes due to uneven numbers of participants. When there are odd and small numbers, a round robin or double elimination could be used.  This process can be time consuming so allow plenty of time on Sunday evening.
  • Post ladders either Sunday night or on Monday morning so that the contestants can begin play. Specify on each sheet when each round needs to be completed by (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.)
  • During the week make sure that progress is being made, and encourage those participants who need to get on with it!
  • Close the contests on Thursday evening and make certificates on Friday morning. Announcements of winners can occur at Friday lunch and certificates handed out at that time.

Follow Up Responsibilities: Remove ladders from the bulletin boards and return boards to the All-Star store room in Brookfield.

Total Cost: $50.00

Materials:  Award Certificates, paper for sign-up sheets and game ladders, and pencils.

Past Volunteers:  Phil Quattrochi, Jason Prochaska, Ralph Colby      Updated 2018



Activity:  A competitive/for fun event involving walking, rowing, swimming and running.  This event has been held early Friday afternoon in the past.  Teams are composed of a One-lap runner, a Walker, two Rowers (1 male, 1 female), a Two-lap runner, 2 Swimmers, and a Timer.  One or more of the team members must be under 15, and two or more must be over 40.

Responsibilities: To organize and implement the Quadrathalon event

Off Island:

  • Make a sign-up sheet. There have been up to 10 teams in the past with 8 members on each team (the limiting factor is the number of available rowboats).
  • Contact “Boat News” editor and provide a Quadrathalon advertisement.
  • Let the Chairs know in early June if you would like a Water and Juice Station to be prepared by Conference Services for the race.

On Island: 

  • On Saturday, set out the Quadrathalon course.
  • It is best if all eight team members sign up on the Quadrathalon Team list at the same time.
  • On Saturday or Sunday, check on the number of rowboats that will be available and reserve them for Friday afternoon 12:30-3:00.
  • Confirm plans with Island Management. The Conference Chairs will have previously told them of the event at their earlier planning meeting.
  • Confirm water/juice station set-up with Conference Services on Wed. or Thurs.
  • At Friday Breakfast or Lunch remind participants that it is important to be on the pier at the designated time and to not eat a heavy lunch.
  • Pels should have all rowboats in the water before the Quad begins so all teams can go at once.
  • The organizer should gather all of the participants together and go over the entire race. Tom Walton usually demonstrates the difference between a walk and a run.  Emphasis should be on safety.
  • Another organizer should instruct all of the timers. In the past there are problems with getting splits, so it should be made as simple as possible.

Follow Up Responsibilities: Post times in Newton Ctr. during Social Hour

People Needed to Organize: Two or Three plus recruits.

Total Cost: Contact Conference Treasurer to see if there is money for participation prizes.

Materials: Sign-up sheet, clipboards for timers, timers (on people’s phones).

Past Volunteers:  Jason and Gabrielle Prochasks, Ali Walton and Phil Quatrochi, Caroline Quijada and Andy Briston, Tom Walton.                                                                                    Updated 2018

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