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Evening Chapel

Chapel Flowers

(For Children’s Chapel, please see Children’s Activities)

 Evening Chapel

Activity: Chapel is held each evening of the conference.  Traditionally the time is 10:00, but more recently, the Chairs have held it earlier on some nights depending on the evening schedule.

Responsibilities: You will need to recruit 4 individuals or families to lead and organize a service on Monday thru Thursday nights.  The current Chairs will give the Chapel on Sat. night and the incoming chairs will give the Chapel on Friday night.  The Senior Teens may be interested in giving the Chapel on Thursday night, but it is important to confer with the Senior Teen leaders before the conference to see if they would like to coordinate the service.

Off Island:

  • Recruit your 4 Chapel service leaders.

On Island: 

  • The Pelicans are responsible for the set-up of the lanterns and will see to it that lanterns are posted on hooks along the Chapel path. Assign someone to be at the steps of the Chapel with a flashlight to help people enter the Chapel.
  • Recruit someone to ring the Chapel bell at the appointed Chapel time that night. The ringer should ring the bell very slowly (otherwise it could be confused for a Fire Drill!)
  • Recruit one person to help on the front porch, and to be the last one up the path to let the Chapel leaders know to begin the service.
  • Check-in with each leader of Chapel to see if any support is needed, and coordinate with them on their night when they are ready to have people leave the front porch and walk up to the Chapel.
  • After Chapel is over, be certain that the steps and particularly hazardous areas on the path have someone with a flashlight, and can help.
  • In case of an evening with a heavy rainstorm, one option is to hold the service in Elliot Hall.

Follow Up Responsibilities: Thank all Chapel leaders and other volunteers.

People Needed Each Evening: Chapel leaders, Chapel Bell Ringer, Porch Organizer, Pelicans with Lanterns, Flashlight Holder at the Chapel entrance.

Total Cost:  None

Materials:  4 Flashlights

 Comments:  Try to select people who did not lead a Chapel service the previous year.  It is not necessary for the Chapel Organizer to lead a service.

Past Volunteers:  Tommy and Heather Yermack, Tom and Tricia Coleman, Annie Lenox

Updated 2018

Chapel Flowers

Activity:  The person who does this volunteer job sees to it that flower arrangements are present for Chapel services beginning on Saturday night.  Daily check-ins of the arrangements are required to see if flowers need to be “freshened up”.

Off Island:

  • In some years, flowers have been brought to the island from the flower arranger’s garden. The arranger should also bring clippers and gloves.

 On Island:

  • Gather wild grasses, greens, and flowers on island to make the arrangements. (There is usually one up in front of the podium, and sometimes there are two others in the front windows).
  • Make sure to check the guidelines at the Front Desk for what things can/cannot be picked for the arrangements.
  • Obtain vases from Conference Services and arrange the flowers in the Chapel.
  • Sometimes, a special arrangement has been created for the Sunday Morning service.

Materials: Flowers and other plant materials, vases, clippers and gloves.

Cost:  None

Past Volunteers:  Tricia Coleman, Jan Prochaska, Wanda Wood     Updated 2018

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