Registration Information

Registration for this summer conference will open January 1, 2019. Applications are processed on-line through the Star Island Corporations website here: This system will take a credit card for your deposit. A $200 room and board deposit per person for everyone six and over is required at time of registration. (Children five and under are free.) All Star I also charges a program fee (see below) which is due at the time of registration.

Paper registrations can be mailed along with a deposit check to the Star Island Corporation as indicated on the paper form.

All applications received by March 10 will be treated equally in the applicant pool and in accordance with our Admissions Policy. Your credit card deposit does not guarantee acceptance to the conference. You will be notified soon after March 10 if you are fully accepted in the conference or placed on the waitlist. For those on the waitlist we will work with you to decide if you want to remain on it or try another conference. If you have any questions about this please contact registrar Ali Walton at

Your credit card will be charged when you register. If you are waitlisted, you can get a refund by check immediately if you wish, or the Star Island Office can hold on to the money and send you a check if you do not move from the waitlist.

If you are on Children’s Staff, please select Conference Staff Registration when using the online registration system to avoid being charged a registration fee.

Financial assistance is available for those who may need it. Please submit your confidential application by March 10 by email or regular mail to Ali Walton.

Room and Board: Rates are set by the Star Island Corporation and are paid on Island minus the R&B deposit fee of $200 per person. Current rates are listed on the Star Island website.  Accommodations are charming, but rustic. You’ll be housed in the hotel built in the 1870s or one of the cottages. Families are grouped by the ages of their children. Singles and older couples tend to stay in buildings without children. The view out your window will be beautiful, but in most cases you will have a shared bathroom. Showers are available three times a week.

Program Fee: $100/adults (18+) and $80/child (up to $380/family). The program fee covers conference activities including children’s program, conference speaker, and other activities. (If you attend adult social hour you’ll be encouraged to contribute to the costs of that; children’s social snacks are covered.) Program fees are fully refundable if your cancellation notice is received by May 1st.

In addition, a $200 room and board deposit per person for everyone six and over is required at time of registration. (Children five and under are free.) If applying by mail instead of through the Star Island website, please make one check payable to All Star 1 for the total of the program fee and R&B deposit and mail to the conference registrar.

Conference Overnight Guests: Per availability, people may be accepted to attend All Star I for less than the entire week as a Conference Overnight Guest. Conference Overnight Guests who stay for less than three nights will be charged a flat rate conference program fee of $30. This is in addition to Conference Overnight Guest room and board charges. Anyone attending All Star I for 3 or more nights will pay the full program fee. People who do not indicate to the conference registrar a minimum of two weeks prior to the conference that they will stay less than 3 nights will pay the full week program fee.

Registrar: Ali Walton


23 E. Bellview
Greenwood Village CO 80121


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